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Future Focused Materials

Future Focused Materials
Our goal is to design products that leave a positive impact on the land we live on, and the people we work with, by designing environmentally conscious and future-focused accessories.
We are excited to continue our journey into Future Focused design, rethinking our materials, products, and our long-term impact across all collections.

Look for our Future Focused Design icon for all styles made with a Future Focused approach.
MUSE collection (Autumn & Winter '24)
All MUSE trims are made from Apple Leather; an 84% plant based leather made from apple waste, which would otherwise be discarded by the beverage industry.
The MUSE beanies are made from recycled polyester.

All our trimmed styles are finished in our Kensington Studio in Melbourne.

Aestas Collection (Spring & Summer 23/24)
We’re proud to introduce Piñatex® by Ananas Anam as part of our Future Focused journey.

Piñatex® is a repurposed material made from leaves leftover from the pineapple plant. The leaves would otherwise be discarded as they can not be used.

Once the leaves are collected, fibers are extracted from the leaves, dried and then blended together to create pinafelt, a non-woven mesh. The fibers are blended, rather than woven together, as a way to reduce water usage.

Once blended, the pinafelt is coated with GOTS-certified colour pigments. The Pinatex is then sent to our Kensington studio, where our hats are trimmed.


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