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We recommend you avoid places with high heat or sun exposure when storing your hat. This is because excess heat, light or moisture can cause damage to the natural fibres of the product.

On a shelf- for storage on a shelf, we recommend you place the hat upside down so as to not put unnecessary weight on the brim which could lead to misshaping. We recommend covering the hat during storage to protect it from any dust or moisture.

On the wall- our hats can be hung on a hook, we simply suggest you ensure the hook itself is not causing damage to the surface of the product. Additionally, remember to avoid excess light and heat exposure.

In a hat box- your product will be shipped to you in a box with packing materials designed to protect it. This is a perfectly suitable option for ongoing storage which supports the structure and protects the surface from and dust.

Freshen up- for minor cleaning of the surface, we recommend the use of a clothing brush. This will help in removing any dust and fluff from the hat.

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Spot cleaning- for specific spots, we recommend using a plain damp cloth to lightly dab on the area. For felt pieces we recommend a felt cloth. Deeper clean- for a deeper clean, we suggest contacting your local dry cleaner or repairs shop to discuss options specific to your requirements.


Felt Crown- in the case the crown of your hat becomes misshapen, you can hold the hat over a boiled kettle and the steam will assist in popping the crown back into shape.

Felt Brim- in the case a shaped brim is squashed, you can hold the hat over a boiled kettle and the steam will assist in popping the brim back into shape. In the case a flat brim is misshapen, a cloth may be placed over the surface and a gentle iron can be used to flatten the brim, the hat should then be stored flat, and allowed to cool and dry naturally.

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